About the EU Circular Cooperation Hub

The EU Circular Cooperation Hub brings together national, regional and local governments to jointly tackle the circular economy transition needed to reach net-zero carbon emissions, and meet the targets set in the Paris Agreement and EU Green Deal.


The current fragmentation of circular economy funding, priorities and initiatives is hindering the impact we could achieve at European scale. The new Hub aims to tackle this challenge, offering a space for programme owners (i.e. public institutions that fund and design circular economy relate programmes) to co-design programmes with a variety of countries, regions and cities across Europe.

The priority setting and the organisation of the future Hub was driven by Programme Owners (POs), involved either as project partners and/or via a stakeholder network. Throughout the project CICERONE (H2020), systematic and widespread stakeholder engagement with the primary target audience (a diversity of national / regional situations is reflected in the stakeholder consultation) was carried out to identify, understand and address the demand for improved CE funding from EU funding instruments.


Key activities

The objective of the Hub is to provide access to a network of European programme owners and their initiatives, an updated Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (SRIA), a space for actors to share ideas and co-create, as well as capacity building to support national, regional and local governments in their implementation of joint programmes.

Consultation mechanisms will also ensure that all stakeholders will be able to actively contribute (civil society, industry, innovative SMEs, startups, cities, investors, networks, etc.). To achieve this, the below services will be proposed, with a strong emphasis on activities related to joint programming.