Framework for a circular economy strategic planning

The aim of this report is to present the framework for a circular economy strategic planning that has been designed ad hoc for the CICERONE project. After a brief reminder of the fundamentals of circular economy to clearly set the scope of analysis, two methodologies will be presented. The first methodology (A) will be used for T1.4 and T2.2 and the main criteria for the assessment of current and future programs have been highlighted. The second methodology (B) has been developed and structured in order to make the future SRIA based on a collection, assessment and prioritization of objectives, innovation fields toward roadmaps per themes and per challenges. At the end, it will allow to propose key integrated pilots that rely on the highest priorities in Innovation Fields to be funded by the future CICERONE platform. Specific and user-friendly tools have been designed to perform the assessment of Innovation Fields (see annex excel files).