Collective intelligence platform for online consultation

In order to reach an inclusive consultation, the CICERONE project decided to implement a massive online consultation by deploying Assembl: an open source collective intelligence platform initially conceived with the MIT and developed within the FP7 Catalyst project (2013-2015) by bluenove. Assembl enables the creation of new knowledge through interactions between community members. It is based on innovative facilitation roles optimising 1) the engagement of large numbers of people and 2) the structuring of co-produced new knowledge. Assembl is the first software specifically designed to facilitate massive multilingual collective intelligence. It enables to categorise incoming messages, curate them and synthetize them within a formalized deliverable through a multi-staged process conceived to promote deep content and dynamic structuring of ideas. The online consultation was opened from June 3 to August 28, 2019 and had the objective to align circular economy European, national, regional and local policy and funding, and understand various priorities across the European territory. The consultation invited circular economy stakeholders to share their vision of the circular economy objectives to be achieved by 2030 across various themes (plastics, construction, food, etc.). This document constitutes a part of the deliverable D4.8: Collective intelligence platform for online consultation. The first part is the demonstrator, the online platform itself, presented to the CICERONE consortium and used during the consultation. This second part is a document that covers the setup and maintenance of the collective intelligence platform during the consultation. The platform was used to harvest stakeholder inputs by organizing and structuring content in a dynamic way in order to facilitate all threads of discussions. The methodology used is also described in this document. This deliverable is linked to Task 4.3.

Stakeholder engagement