Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda on Circular Economy

As part of the societal transition towards circular economy, adopting a systemic approach to conducting circular economy-related research and innovation is key. However, circular economy is often not directly addressed or defined in funding programmes – with many focusing on specific impacts, which does not consider circular economy in a systemic way.


We have developed a circular economy strategic research and innovation agenda (SRIA), a strategic guidance document on circular economy in the context of the European Union.

A focus on systemic change and adopting a cross-cutting interdisciplinary approach is at the heart of the SRIA, addressing eight themes (biomass, chemicals, construction and demolition, food, plastic, raw materials, waste and water) that build on four societal areas that face sustainability challenges (urban areas, industrial systems, value chains and territory and sea) to tackle EU region-wide issues and facilitate the transition to a circular economy.